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Start your Paramedic training with HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. – The Primary Care Paramedic Course builds on top of your existing knowledge; entry into the PCP Program requires proof of completion of an approved Emergency Medical Responder course.

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PCP Application Forms

Please submit the following forms to apply for the Primary Care Paramedic program. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Primary Care Paramedic Program – Application and Information Package (Updated July 15, 2019)

Primary Care Paramedic Confidential Recommendation Form Sept 17, 2014


All applicants applying for the PCP program must meet the following criteria and include all of the following in their registration package:

  • Minimum of 19 years of age. Photocopy of Government issued ID with picture (Driver’s License or Passport preferred)
  • Copy of prospective student’s resume
  • Completed HeartSafe EMS PCP Course Application Form enclosing the $85.00 fee (non-refundable)
  • High school or post secondary diploma or equivalent (photocopy). Mature students, 25 years or older, may also be accepted without proof of high school graduation.
  • Copy of their EMR Certificate (photocopy); If an applicant does not have a current EMR certificate, he or she can be considered for enrollment based on a previous PCP or ACP certificate / License and a minimum of 5 years of actual Ambulance experience
  • Current criminal record check done through your local Police Department. Must be specifically done for children and vulnerable population sectors.
  • Current BCEHS employees may use their current criminal record check (please provide copy).
  • Immunization record (photocopy)
  • Current CPR C / AED Certificate (photocopy)
  • Copies of the Confidential Letter of Recommendation (x2)
  • Completed Paramedic Statement of Fitness 

Incomplete application packages may be submitted while waiting for further documentation, but acceptance will only be completed once the application process and documentation process is complete.

This program is a rigorous and comprehensive course of full-time study. The academic demands will be considerable and motivation for a health care career is important for success. The student should have unquestioned integrity, be emotionally mature, and physically capable of dealing with patients and the demands of an emergency care provider. Study time over and above what is done in class is estimated at 3 – 4 hours/night.

All applications are subject to approval and acceptance by HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. All acceptances are at the sole discretion of HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. An in-person interview may be requested, before the applicant is approved for entry into the course of Instruction, at the sole discretion of HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd.

Once a student has been accepted into the program, they will need to sign the completed PTIB Student Contract.

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